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Other Services

  • Microdermabrasion. Duration 1hr
  • Dermaplane. Duration 20min
  • Tratamiento Avanzado efecto Botox. Duration 30min
  • Skin Rejuvenation (Laser IPL). Duration 30min
  • Hifu Skin Tightening. Duration 1hr30min
  • Tensioning Theeads. Duration 30min
  • Plasma Gel (Bio-filler). Duration 1hr20min
  • Liposonix Fat Reduction. Duration 1hr30min
  • Post-op Massage. Duration 1hr15min
  • Reducing Massage. Duration 1hr15min
  • Aplicacion de viales (ampollas). Duration 20min
  • Massage for stretch marks and cellulite. Duration 1hr20min
  • Buttlock lift. Duration 1hr
  • Drenaje Linfatico Duration 1hr15min
  • Fat Burning Reducing Massage. Duration 1hr15min
  • Sauna Slimming Detox Therapy. Duration 30min
  • Aplicacion de viales (ampollas). Duration 20min
Wax Services
  • Hair removal, design and Eyebrows tint. Duration: 30min
  • Waxing Chin & Upper Lip & Eyebrows. Duration 1hr15min
  • Eyelash Extensions Classic mink. Duration 10min
  • Waxing Underarms. Duration 15min
  • Waxing Brazilian. Duration 30min
  • Brazilian front to back. Duration 45min
  • Waxing Leg Duration 40min
Other Services
  • Reducing Massage. Duration: 1hr15min
  • Post-op Massage. Duration 1hr15min
  • Eyelash Extensions Classic mink. Duration 1hr30min
  • Volume Lash Set. Duration 2hr
  • Hybrid Lash Set. Duration 2hr30min
  • Eyelash Refill. Duration 1hr
Hair Services
  • Hair cut. Duration 20min
  • Rollo set. Duration 1hr15min
  • Blow-dry. Duration 1hr30min
  • Deep repairing treatment. Duration 15min
  • Hair extension. Duration 30min
  • All color. Duration 40min
  • Color retouch. Duration 40min
  • Keratin treatment. Duration 2hr45min
  • Botox Treatment. Duration 2hr45min
  • Highlights full without a blowout. Duration 2hr30min
  • Parcial highlights without blowout. Duration 3hr30min
  • Balayage. Duration 3hr30min
  • Relaxer. Duration 1hr30min
Luxury Services
  • Hair Restoration PRP. Duration 45min
  • Lips Fillers Juvederm 1ml. Duration 20min
  • Lips fillers Restylane 1 ml. Duration 20min
  • Kissable lip color semi-permanent. Duration 20min
  • Jowl treatment. Duration 25min
  • Warts and Mole Removal. Duration 20min
  • Microblading. Duration 1hr20min
  • Microblading retouch. Duration 1hr
  • Stretch marks camouflage. Duration 30min
  • Tattoo Removal. Duration 30min
  • Piercing. Duration 15min
  • Infiltration scars (queloide). Duration 30min