Radio frequency procedures can help smooth, tighten, and contour your skin for an overall younger looking appearance with one single treatment in most cases. Radio frequency requires no surgery or injections while having minimal to no downtime. You can expect collagen tightening because it stimulates existing collagen and promotes new collagen growth:

  • Smoother skin and without  sagging.
  • Redefine contours along the jawline and under the chin.
  • Soften wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead.
  • Reduce lines around the knees, arms, elbows, and hands.
  • Flatter, smoother skin on the tummy, legs, buttocks, and thighs

Experience little to no downtime and return to your normal activities that day. There’s no special care needed after the procedure. There is no bruising, swelling, or sutures.